Ada’s Quiet Book * DIY Quiet Book Pattern *


**This is a PDF pattern. Not an actual finished book.**




So many moms are intimidated looking at all the beautiful quiet books on Pinterest and Etsy and think “I wish I could make something like THAT”. My quiet book patterns make it easy for anyone to make a quiet book for the little ones in their life. You CAN make something like THAT – I’ll show you how!

Imagine the look on your daughter’s face when you present her with a beautiful, custom book that you created just for her! Your son will love playing with the Mini-Me version of himself while he imagines that he is sailing the sea with pirates or camping in the forest under the stars.

The best gifts we can give our children are gifts that fuel their imagination and creativity, toys that allow for open-ended play. That’s exactly what these books are. Each page is a scene, a starting point, just waiting for your child to create their own story using their imaginations. Every day can be a different story, endless possibilities for years of enjoyment.

General Description of Pages:

Sailing the Sea (a sailboat on open water)
Tree House (a tree with a tree swing set in a garden)
After the Rain (rainbow with cloud and raindrops)
Balloon Races (hot air balloon race in the clouds)
Ladybug Garden (giant garden with a giant ladybug and button-on flowers to work fine-motor skills)
Counting (an abacus style counting page)
Vroom-Vroom (a VW bug with room for your child’s name, this one is great for the cover page)
Sleeping Under the Stars (a nighttime camping scene complete with a sleepy owl – he’s confused)

Skill level:

Basic embroidery and hand sewing skills

Materials / Tools needed:

This looks like a long list, but chances are you already have much of what’s here. The pattern contains more details about the supply list.

Wool felt 
Embroidery floss
Embroidery needles
Printed fabric – (use scraps, fat quarters, etc. – you just need small pieces)
Fray Stop 
Velcro or snaps 
Ribbon, yarn or string
Hot glue gun (or you can use any other glue you choose, just test it on your felt first)
Scissors – 
You will want a very sharp pair to cut the felt
You may also want a small pair of embroidery scissors
Binder rings (I used 2”) 
Eyelets (I used 1/4”, which is the Large size if you buy Dritz) and a setting tool
Soluble or disappearing ink fabric pen

I purchase all my felt from Benzie Design. They have gorgeous color selections and I have experienced wonderful customer service.

I like to purchase packs of 9 x 12 sheets of various colors. I cut the 9 x 12 sheet in half to make 6 x 9 pages. This leaves you plenty of scraps for the rest of the pieces of the pages.


Please feel free to sell any finished product that you make using my pattern. All I ask is that you credit me at ArtOfEverydayLife when you do, I would be grateful. 😉 And please send me pictures, I would love to see your finished product!

No part of this pattern may be copied or distributed in any form. In other words, when your best friend or sister tells you how beautiful and awesome your quiet book is and how she can’t wait to make one for her kids, please refer her to my shop to purchase her own pattern. With much gratitude! – Kristy




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