Sopchoppy, FL – Myron B. Hodge City Park

We are pretty lucky with campgrounds (traveling in general, really) we have stayed in lots of really great places, with only a few duds. Myron B. Hodge City Park in Sopchoppy, FL definitely falls into the great finds category!

It’s the perfect combination of quiet, clean, laid back and cheap – with hiking trails and a playground for the kids, it checks all the boxes. There are a couple dozen sites, half of them on the water-front side of the campground, the other half on the road side with full hook-ups, all for only $15 a night.

We chose the water-front view – I’ll trade a great view for a sewer hook-up any day. Life is too short.

Just doin’ what they do….

Ada picks me flowers almost every day. We don’t pick flowers in public parks though, so she just points out the ones she would pick for me if she could.

One of the days we were here it rained for a good chunk of the day. Luckily we had a good mobile signal and we rented a movie the day before, so we were prepared for the rain-in. We took a walk in the morning before the rain started, and by late afternoon it let up and the girls spent the rest of the evening with the other kids on the playground.

Drizzly-morning messy breakfast table with a view. Look at that view! These panoramic windows are one of the many things I love about Airstreams. I don’t think I could ever give them up.

Pro tip for anyone looking to buy an Airstream: THIS is why we have a front bedroom model – because you almost always back into spaces so you want your bedroom in the front and your living area in the back so you get views like this from the main living area. (Unless you want the best view from your bedroom, of course.)

There is a beautiful, easy hiking trail that runs from the park along the Ochlockonee River. We made several hikes while we were there.

Oh, don’t worry Mr. Drunk Man Hanging Out in the Woods, my 7 year old daughter will dispose of your beer cans for you….

In all seriousness, I’m super proud of these conscientious little nature-lovers – willing to spend an hour long hike with old empty beer cans in their pockets to take care of the planet.

See the baby alligator? We only saw this baby a couple times during our stay. I’m sure mama was around somewhere though.

The hiking trail includes an obstacle course. The girls had a surprising amount of fun doing this climbing wall over and over and over…

Sopchoppy is about an hour south of Tallahassee so we also spent a day at the Tallahassee Museum. Ada and Nick went zip-lining for the first time. I somehow have zero pictures of that.

I do have this picture of Cora dying to stick her finger in this vulture’s cage, or its mouth rather, as I’m sure would have been the outcome.

Stenciled window of the Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church on display at the Museum.

Established in 1851, Bethlehem Missionary Baptist was the first regularly organized black church in Florida. The displays inside the church tell an interesting story of church and the pastor – James Page – who founded it.

Cora’s thoroughly inaccurate historic reenactment of a very dramatic sermon.

Many of our adventures end this way. Little sister too tired to go on, big sister doing what big sisters do.


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