Home Sweet Home – working on a new quiet book pattern

I have been busy these days designing and crafting Cora’s quiet book.  My goal is to be able to give it to her as a birthday gift in July. I almost have 2 pages done – I have a lot of work ahead of me.

I purchased a lot of new and vintage Liberty of London charms for this book.  I am obsessed with them!  I am working more fabric into the pages of this quiet book just so I can use these gorgeous Liberty prints.

As I go along, I will be creating patterns for these new designs and adding them to the Etsy shop – stay tuned.

Here is a sneak peak of the first new page for Cora’s book – and Mini-Cora. I couldn’t resist making one of these pages to add to Ada’s book as well.

Mini-Cora’s smile didn’t turn out as smiley as I intended. I decided to leave it though, Cora is a more serious child. As a matter of fact, that is the very first thought I had of her the first time I ever held her as she was born: “Wow, this is a serious soul”.  It works.



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