Dreams come true :: our 1973 Airstream Excella 500

Every night over dinner we all take turns sharing what we are grateful for that day. Tonight, for New Year’s Eve, we shared what we were grateful for most in 2014. This was kind of a tough one because I have a million and one things to be grateful for, but we were all pretty unanimously grateful for the Airstream we purchased this summer and excited for all the adventures we are planning in 2015.

We have been dreaming of buying an Airstream for years and originally planned on waiting until spring / summer of 2015 to finally make our dreams come true. But have you ever had one of those moments where everything just falls into place and you know something was meant to be?  That was this moment for us. This  practically towed itself into our life, we were meant to be together.

The is really great shape, with a lot of the original mechanics, appliances and finishes in place.  We plan to leave it as original as we can for now.  We still have a fairly extensive list of mostly minor repairs to be done next spring / summer and are aiming to hit the road for our inaugural trip sometime in July. (Okay, truth be told, we will be camping with family about 3 miles from our house. Let’s call it a test run.)

Without a doubt my favorite feature of this beauty is the green velvet L-shaped lounge. Surprisingly not original, awesome nonetheless. I also love that all the appliances are original, including the refrigerator, 8-track player and gas lamp.

I can’t wait for Spring to get her ready to hit the road.  I promise I will share more pictures of our progress. This is what she looks like now:


The obligatory view in the rear view mirror on the first trip home.  Somewhere in eastern Wisconsin.
IMG_9423 IMG_9424 IMG_9425 IMG_9426


What’s that you ask?  Why that’s built-in Airstream beer mug storage, of course! Sadly, someone stole the original Airstream beer mugs from the previous owner. Will be watching eBay for replacements. Above that the armrest opens up to store your bottles of booze.

IMG_9431 IMG_9434 IMG_9910

The original kitchen wallpaper. So much awesomeness right there. Again, sadly, it has been covered up twice with much less groovy options.  I will have to redo this wall. I’m still deciding if I really want to tackle papering it, or if I will just paint it.


Tucked safely into her winter home.

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  • Paul White

    Beautiful trailer! My wife and I brought our Avion home from Hanckock, MI thru Wisconsin towards St. Paul, MN on Hwy 8. Brought it home to Bentonville, AR. (PaulnGina on AirForums)

    Good luck with it, and have fun making awesome memories with the family.

  • Emily

    What a beauty!!!

  • This is GORGEOUS. It has always been one of my dreams to drive across the US in an Airstream. Here in Paris they convert Airstreams into food trucks for fancy events. So cool!

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