for late night parties with the best neighbors

We helped our neighbors celebrate Diwali tonight. We were all ready for bed and then noticed the fireworks outside our window, so of course we joined them Read more

that my office can be anywhere

Cora was sick today. Poor baby had a fever and sore throat and didn’t really want to do much of anything except cuddle. She’s been like that her whole life, even as a tiny baby whenever she didn’t feel well she would find some way to maintain physical contact with me. I am so crazy Read more

for night hikes and lifelong friends

Went on my first night hike tonight with one of my oldest friends.  We have known each other for over 23 years and even though we go months and months between get-togethers, we always pick up right where we left off.  It’s a sweet thing to have had a friend in your life for so Read more

that she can read – she can read!

I think many of us take literacy for granted, but it’s really an awesome gift when you think about it.  Teaching my children to read has reminded me of what a powerful thing reading is, and how much it opens up the world for you.  It’s recently really been clicking for Ada, and she is so excited!  She will Read more

for in-laws who grow their own food

and for little girls who steal if for me.  Just as we were leaving my brother and sister-in-law’s house today, Cora grabbed two handfuls of tomatoes from their garden and ran.  She doesn’t even like tomatoes. I do Read more

for at least one more summer day

It’s already been “unseasonably cold” and “they” say we are in for a record breaking cold winter. I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to summer. Today was beautiful Read more

that at least she wears her helmet

…while riding her broom Read more

for shared coloring books and peaceful mornings

Cora let Ada help her color in her favorite coloring book this morning while I made breakfast. It was sweet and quiet and beautiful Read more

We purchased a vintage Airstream this week, making a huge, long-held dream come true. It was about 5 hours away in Door County Wisconsin so Nick and his brother drove out there this week to pick it up. Today they tucked it safely into a comfy little spot in the trees at Dad’s house for Read more

for big dreams coming true

Read more