aargh! Pirate Ship :: Panama City Beach Florida

Here’s a little known family secret – we are related to pirates (by marriage, like 4 times removed, but whatever, we claim them as kin).  We never miss taking a trip on the Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise when we visit family in Panama City.  The pirate crew entertain your kids non-stop for 2 hours while you sit back and enjoy the view of Grand Lagoon, St. Andrews Bay and a little bit of the Gulf of Mexico – totally worth every penny!

One of the many traditions on the Sea Dragon is assigning everyone a pirate name.  Ada was given Abaco Ada, after an island in the Bahamas.  Cora was dubbed Cutthroat Cora, and if you’ve ever met my sweet little Cora, you know that couldn’t be more spot on.


The highlight of the trip for me (besides someone else entertaining my kids for two hours) was all the dolphins we saw – they were everywhere!  I never get over the thrill of seeing dolphins in the wild.


A not entirely inappropriate look on Cora’s face.  He does have a giant sword and she doesn’t know Fearless Phil the Captain of the Pirate Ship is actually sort of her cousin, and not even a real pirate (shhh..). (Also, see pirate name above, she looks like she’s about to cut somebody, right?).


Not really, but I’m sure someone has been tempted a time or two….


Ada had a scull and crossbones painted on the side of her face.  A little while later all the kids got pirate tattoos, when asked where she wanted hers, Ada asked for it on her throat.  Apparently I’m raising a thug, *shrugs shoulders*.




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