{52 Photos Project} The Light Arrived

Everyone who knows me knows I hate winter.  Someday I might tell you the story of how I came to live in the coldest state in the country, even though I can’t stand to be cold, but for now, let’s just say there are plenty of wonderful things to love about Minnesota, despite the bitter cold.

For me, the only redeeming quality of winter is the beautiful scenery, especially the light.  The cool pink sunsets, the murky orangish light of a snow storm in the city, the brilliance of the sun on pure white snow. And this past year we had these halos around the sun.

These amazing circles of rainbow colors caused by just the right interaction of light and ice crystals. My iPhone pics don’t come close to doing it justice. Imagine a giant round rainbow encircling the sun, it was breathtaking (literally and figuratively, as the windchill was around 15 below when I stopped on the side of the road to step out of the car and take these pictures).


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  • We just returned from Alaska. I met a lot of people from Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota.

    I love those lights in your photo. Great shot. I am always surprised my iPhone does really take better pictures than I would expect most times!

    • Kristy

      Thank your for the kind words, Glen! If only you could have seen the lights in person, truly spectacular. I love my iPhone, it’s been my only camera for almost 4 years now. The best part is that it’s always with me.

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